Below a few pics of an amazing trip to boulder-mecca Rocklands in South Africa recently. Although I am not that much into bouldering (outside), I really enjoyed it and will definitely come back! The surroundings, the atmosphere,  and most of all the most beautiful orange, grey and yellow rock you can imagine can be found here. We combined it with a trip to Namibia, another beautiful destination..





Endless end-of-the-world views garuanteed

A famous problem.. with almost breaking holds it’s quite exciting (pic by Martin)

High, higher, highest.. this is almost the highest I dared to go for this pic without proper spotting, crux follows as the next move 😉

Somewhere over the rainbow

A nice 7A in sector ‘8 days of rain’

Cape good hope, an obliged but nice trip to the south-end of Africa!

A nice jump in ‘sex etiquette’ 6C (pic by Martin)



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