To start the dark December month with, we went to Margalef for a sportclimbing trip. When you think of Spain, you think about sun, blue skies, t-shirts/shorts and yellow rock walls. Only the latter we found 😉 It was bitterly cold and we even got a snowstorm.. Nonetheless Bart, Jelmer, Laurens, Chris and me collect some nice routes in one of our foreign ‘home-areas’.  The last day we dared to go to the exposed Espedalles area, to finish some unfinished business. Unfortuantely, I lacked endurance to do so… next time hopefully. Thanks for the amazing trip!

A few pics:

Jelmer in Aeroplastica (7c+), Finestra

Me in Gresca (7b+)

The only wind-free corner in Margalef

Bart in Califato Coach (7b), Cabernet

Laurens in Yihad (7b+), Balcó de l’ermita


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