Six des eaux froides

In august 2019, after 5 days in Italy (Cadarese), we crossed the border to Switzerland to make a visit to Roland and his wife in Ovronnaz.

While we were there, we did some nice hiking and Roland and me climbed a route at the ‘Six des Eaux Froides’. This mountain is in the Bernese Alps (on the opposite side of Wallis, overlooking the Rhone valley). It is located north of Anzère and lies in the massif of the Wildhorn, between the Lac des Audannes and the Lac de Tseuzier.

If I am correct the name of the route was ‘Canadian way of life’, openened by Michel Piola.

Around 10-12 pitches sustained 6b or 6c, not climbed very often I guess, and a tricky descent, made up for a great day out.

See some pictures below:

The six des eaux froides as seen from the southeast

The topo

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